by Corina Corina

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Another day another let down
Wanna cry but I'm too proud
Can’t bring myself to call you out
So I hold it in for now

Can’t show you that it matters
Whether or not you’re there
Shit would look pretty different
If you actually cared

I've done so many shows
Wondering if you would appear
Hoping I have enough drink tickets
To wash it all down with beer

I murk in stages every night
And there's the internal fight
I shouldn't give a fuck
I'm getting enough love

From strangers and my fan base
It’s growing every day
Don't want those who aren't there
To overshadow a new face

My pride is always compromised
I handle it with grace
Cause you have no idea
I'm keeping it that way

Thank God for this pen and paper
And the attention of strangers
For without some kind of outlet
I know that I'd be in danger
Of losing my shit


Because of people like you
Now I know the ugly truth
That no matter what I do
I'll end up with the blues

I could do amazing things
Win awards for what I sing
Perform for the president
But you still wouldn't give a shit

No power, yes I know
Over how you feel for me
And even of there was hope
You'd probably never let me know, so

I hope that the spotlight
Is extra bright tonight
Shining so hard in my eyes
That I almost go blind

The whole place will just be cutouts
While I hear the scream and shout
But I know you aren't there
Without a shadow of a doubt

I hope they buy me extra shots
Some x after my set
To distract me from the letdown
So faded I forget

Then all I could remember
Is how much they all loved me
And how I just bared my heartbreak
Where I’m okay being seen
Losing my shit


Day in and day out
Set up to be let down
I do it cause I have to
Ain’t no other way around

I strip myself bare behind the pop screen
Tears in my eyes, I sweat, I bleed

For every small victory
Is a little bittersweet
Cause another one has shown me
That they’re still not down for me


released November 22, 2016
Executive Produced by Corina Corina for Know Better Music (ASCAP)

Recorded and Mixed by Mari C. and Mastered by Willie Green for Paul Womack Media (BMI)

Vocals written and performed by Corina Corina

Instrumental: Job Well Done from Run the Jewels El-P, Little Shalimar, Wilder Zoby




Corina Corina Brooklyn, New York

Vocalist Corina Corina was born in Oakland, CA, & has made her career in NYC. This gifted songwriter brings a fresh vocal hybrid to modern R&B with strong blues & hip hop influences.

She has independently released 2 full-length albums & is currently working on her 3rd LP with creative partner, Willie Green.

For her extensive USA tour schedule, She is signed with Deep Thinka Booking Agency.
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